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paperwork question

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hi everyone :wave:

ive read lots of messages talking about papers and registering and i just wanted to ask exaclty what is meant by it, ive never had a puppy before so i dont really know what the paperwork is all about. ive just ordered Chihuahuas for Dummies and im hoping it will explain in there but i'd still like some info in the mean time :)
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hiya kc papers are what your chihuahua will have if he/she has been registered with the kennel club this means that he/she can be entered in to shows if your chi does not have these then it is only a pet
It is also recommended you dont breed with an unpapered dog, I personally would only buy registered because then I am 100% sure of the parentage of the pup and it's family history.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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