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Part Chi/ part Blood Hound :)

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Lulu has been doing sooo good with her weigh loss (down to 5lbs 14 oz) and excersize. We have been walking around our block every morning and Lulu HATES it. When I go to the drawer where her harness and leash is, she takes off in a run/walk all the way back to my parents' bathroom--which is as far from me as she can get. LOL Anyway, last night it stormed, so this morning it was cool and overcast. Apparently rain makes everything smell very strong because Lulu turned into a Blood Hound. Her nose only left the pavement to sniff things in the air. One time she tried to roll in something on the pavement! She was glued to two mailbox posts that must be a favorite for some male dogs in the neighborhood. She was having so much fum she didn't even notice we passed the house and made the block two times!! Then we did zoomies around the yard and house. What a morning! Fun, fun, fun!! :hello1::hello1:

PS: Just thought I'd share the pic below is the field and woods across the street from our house--my back was to my house when I snapped pic. It would be so much fun to let the dogs run, run, run in that field, but we can't because it is full of water mocasins. I would NEVER walk out into that field. When my boys got 4-wheelers for Christmas one year, they rode them all over that field. You could see the snakes get thrown up in the air by the tires! We counted 6 snakes and that was December. There is a swampy stream through the woods that leads to a bayou.
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Great news Tina! :thumbright:
I'm glad it's going well and you are so motivated to make
Lulu healthier. I'm happy for both of you girls. Big kiss to Lulu.
Thanks. All I care about it that my little girl is healthy. I can't get over how much losing just a few ounces has done for her. She is no longer wheezing. Also, when hubby and I played with her it used to make her cough almost immediately. Yesterday we were playing with her, and we noticed we had been playing a while and she never coughed. I can't get over how much her stamina has built up for her walks also. I'm thrilled!
Now that's really cool! Wow!
What was her original weight again?
And what is your goal weight?

You'll also notice as she loses she'll gain more energy, I've had a few
overweight dogs that we rescued who literally started acting like puppies
again after losing some extra pounds. It's like their moral gets lifted as well.
It's fun to see the transformation. Even in Lulu who does not need to lose
much you should still see more energy, she might start to be more playful or
enjoy her walks more. Do you take her and Gidget on walks together?
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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