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Parvo then cardiac arrest

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I recently purchased a chihuahua from a private party with no vaccinations or formal documentation regarding her health- this was last friday! Yesterday, she woke up without any problems but later, she began to vomit and her stool was discolored. We took her to the local emergency vet. clinic where she was diagnosed with "FAINT POSITIVE" Parvo.
We immediately began treatment and today, at 10am, we were told we could pick her up at 2pm. Sadly, at 11:45am the vet. called and told us she experienced a cardiac arrest and passed away (they attempted resuscitation). The vet. reasoned three possible causes: pulmonary embolism, blood clot or congenital heart complications.
She collapsed while recieving care (a change of IV) from a technician.

It seems odd that an animal would die while recieving care. We declined an autoposy, but are still curious as to the cause of her death. The breeder was stunned and said her animals have never had any complications. Any thoughts?
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it's odd that she sells pups without any vaccines or health documentation. some buyers might be inexperienced with a new pup and the dog falls ill but doesn't contact the breeder to let them know, so as far as the breeders knowledge goes her statement of "never ahd any complications" is correct.

without an autopsy it's hard to know the exact cause of death. this is a long shot here but did the breeder offer any guarantees or anything?

it is odd that an animal dies while having an iv changed. i am not sure anything the tech did could have been a cause.

will you be following through with anything as far as the breeder is concerned? or asking the vet more questions....
oh my

oh my goodness. That is terrible, i am so SORRY for you, you will be in my thoughts and prayers, and so will your puppy, hopefully you did not to attached but i just got my baby last friday and i am HOOKED so i am terribly sorry about your loss.
kisses licks and prayers
Roie and Scoot
It is very unusual that a reputable breeder would sell you a dog without vaccinations or a health guarantee in case the pup had an illness or genetic condition, especially for a small breed dog.

If the person you got your puppy from isn't a breeder, I guess it wouldn't be all that unusual though. The timing of the illness would make me very suspicious though.

I'm sorry you and your pup had to go through that and I'm sorry for your loss.
I'm so sorry for your loss. That has to be heartbreaking. :cry:
I am sorry for your loss - if it was me I would have had an autopsy as if it is congenital it is something the breeder needs to know and maybe you could get a refund at least :cry:
no autopsy- bad decision

In retrospect, we should have requested an autopsy. This would have "settled" things- well, at least to a degree. As far as the technician making a mistake, this is certainly plausible. The isolation booth was strung with IV's containing powerful anticoagulants, pain medications, antibiotics, high doses of electrolytes, etc. Not to mention they were in very close proximity of her cage and IV machine. And a chihuahua is a VERY small dog!
I would get an autopsy and contact the breeder...

What if the other puppies get sick?

Very sorry for your loss....I would be heartbroken
So sorry for your loss, and sorry the poor puppy had to go through that.

I can not imagine a reputable breeder selling puppies with no vaccinations and no health guarantee.
What reputable breeder would sell a pup with no vaccines or vet check. It would not suprise me if the rest of the breeders pups did come ill also. There are puppy lemon laws in your state if you need to use them.
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