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patch has epilepsy!!!

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hi all i have a 7 year old jack russel bitch as well as jacob and tyke she was my first baby and i love her to bits i got her as she was mistreated and was fed chinese when she was 4 weeks old and left for dead basically since then i have had her all these years when she was younger she used to fit about once every 6 months as she has got older it is getting worse i took her to the vet today to get tested and the vet said if her bloods come back ok then she has epilepsy and will have to go on life medication to stop this i was wondering if any1 has been in this situation before and if the medication will work to stop her fittin when it happens its very scary and i am soooo scared of losing my baby girl!
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nate could better answer this but i can tell you that lots of dogs at my job that are on meds still have seizures but not as often and when it does happen the dr.'s just adjust the medication.....
I'm sorry your furbaby is sick.. hopefully the docs can help her..

good luck and god bless
I am so sorry...Our boxer had epilepsy, and was also on medications. Good luck for you and warm hugs!

Richie's mom
hey , i'm sorry to hear this :cry: i know the prospect of lifetime medication sounds harsh , but you don't have to worry about your dog ,he would live a life as good as another :wink: i hope it all works out :wave:

kisses nat
From what I've read and heard, once they determine the right course of meds, your dog can live a long and happy life. I know it's very scary but this is not a death sentence. You might want to check out the Canine Epilepsy Network (I think it's called) to get more information. Just do a Google on it and you shouldn't have any trouble finding the URL.

Best of luck. Please keep us posted. :)
Hi! I think the biggest worry you will have with the situation is handling it as an owner. It is really scary to see your dog out of control or having a seizure, and even scarier when you don't know what to do. However, as an owner you need to stay strong, calm, and handle these situations with care. Most dogs to great with lifetime use of phenobarbital or other long-acting anti-seizure drugs to control the seizures, as long as you do regular bloodwork to adjust the dose and check the liver for any damage.

The biggest worries will come when phenobarbital at safe levels cannot control the seizuring, you will likely need further diagnostic imaging to see if something like a brain tumor is causing problems, but that step is a rare scenario.

If you can, keep a watchful eye out for anything that might seem to continually trigger the seizures, a smell, a treat, etc. Another possibility (which can be ruled out by the bloodwork they are doing) is toxicity, or electrolyte imbalance, and hypoglycemic shock.

As scary as seizure scenarios are for everybody, vets included, your dog will live a perfectly healthy and happy life, and will just require some extra TLC and close monitoring. If you are willing to go this extra mile and make the extra trips to the vet and pharmacy, you and your dog will be happy.

If you ever have any questions about the seizures feel free to PM me. I suggest reading Mia's seizure article that is stickied, it's a little technical but has some great information.

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hiya thankyou all for your advice i am awaiting her blood test results to come back i always thought it was cheese that triggered it so we stopped letting her have any but the fits stil continued touch wood this week she has not had one i am hoping everything goes well even if she has epilepsy i know it is going to cost a fair bit for her treatment but if you have pets thats to be expected i could never let her suffer she is like a real baby to me and deserves to be cared for id expect it if it was other way round!
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