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To make sure you are not getting scammed, you should do a couple things to protect yourself:

1. Do not send money to a PO Box
2. Make sure you have the breeder's personal/business address and phone number, call to make sure it works.
3. Call ahead and ask some basic breed-specific questions. Any good breeder would be able to answer them, and if they can't, they either aren't breeders, or they aren't great ones in which case I wouldn't put a deposit on one of ther pups anyways.
4. When you send the money, get a certified bank money order where you can keep a reciept. Make a copy of the actual money order as well.
5. Ship it with tracking and signature confirmation, in the US, we'd use Fedex or UPS, or USPS with signature confirmation so that you can make sure the last name of the person who signed for it, is the same person you made the money order out to.
6. This may be unnecessary, but I always ask for a copy of the driver's license of the person I'm sending money to, especially for internet transactions. They should have no problem faxing a copy if they are legit.

Good luck, and hopefully you'll have a pup in the next few months! Can't wait to see pictures.
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