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Peaches emergency trip to the vet

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Even though the girls have been treated with Front line plus ever since I have had them. We got fleas in the house this week. So we had an exterminator spray yesterday. He told me to take all the animals out of the house for at least an hour but two would be better so I load up all the fur babies and left for 2 1/2 hours. After 15 mins of being back in the house I noticed Peaches was coughing. Peaches has the collapse trachea thing so after 30 min she was having problems breathing and vomiting. It Scared me to death. I called my vet and he said to bring her in right away. I had the exterminator fax the papers to the vet on what kind of chemicals that he used in my house and it was 9 pages long. Peaches was having breathing attacks and vomiting for two hours. We live a little over an hour form the vets and I had to drive while trying to comfort her it was a nightmare. I thought she was going to die in my arms. Before the man sprayed the house I asked him everything about the chemical and he assured me that after an 2 hours that everything would be safe. Another thing that made me mad was about their food and water. I told him that I would put everything up, but he said that it would be safe. I am so glad I wasn't an idiot and dumped and washed all the bowls. The vet could not believe that this man said that the house would be safe. He said that the no animal should be in the house for at least 24 to 36 hours. So I had to load everyone up and take them to my parents. Peaches had to have a shot and something to stop the vomiting and she had a good nights rest so is doing much better now. I am just so thankful that she is ok. I just don't know what I would do if she wasn't. Sorry for such a long post.
Thanks :)
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oh no that must have been horrible !!! i would call that firm and try to recuperate vetcosts at them !! he really should know better . i'm glad kiwi and peaches are ok though !

kisses nat
What a horrible scare, you should report that exterminator to the BB or something! :evil:

I am so glad she is ok!!!!!!!
I am so glad that Peaches and kiwi are ok.. And eveyine else is to.

I would get the extenator to pay for the vet bills and I would also report him.. I can't believe this man told you only 2 hours and it would be ok...
Oh god - i hope little peaches is ok! I would do the same! Hope she is all well and recovered now or very very soon!!
OMG :shock: !!! I'm so glad everything turned out good, but oh the worry and fright you must have gone through. Sheesh...I'm really glad everything is okay.
I'm so glad she's ok and I would be so mad at the exterminators.
Oh no! That must have been soooo scary! :shock: I'm glad that she's okay! :wave:
That makes me furious!!! :evil: An exterminator should know better! You should definitely report him.

I'm so glad peaches okay and sorry that you all had to go thru that.
I can't imagine how terrified you must have been. I'm so glad to hear she's doing better and you yourself can rest now. What an awful experience.
What a horrible experience for you and Peaches......I am glad to hear she will be ok......Bella sends her a hug.
I'm so glad Peaches is OK now I would have been terrified too. I would definitely call the supervisor at the exterminating place and have a majoe talk with them about your vet bill and the bad advice they are giving out. I don't even like it when the bug guy sprays our condo once a month :roll:
Thanks everyone for your concern. My husband had a talk with one of the head guys today and they are going to pay for the vet bill and not charge us for the spraying or should I say the poisoning of my dog. Peaches has had a little cough and wheezing today so that has me a little worried. They vet says that they can go home today but I am still nervous about letting them back in the house.
OMG how awful I am so so happy they are ok :wave: keep us posted :wave:
That was a scary experience. Am so glad Peaches is doing better.

The exterminating company definitely should pay your vet bills. Several years ago, when I had a flea problem in the house, my exterminator told me to keep all animals and birds out of the house for at least 36 hours, and asked me to put away or cover all my pets food dishes and water bowls.

I don't have to do this for my regular monthly spraying, but I still don't leave Jasmine's food and water bowl out even though they say it is o.k.

Give Peaches hugs for us.
My heart is in my throat just reading this. I got so scared for your baby but I'm so glad she's going to be okay. You must have been out of your mind with fear on that long ride to the vet. I'm so awfully sorry you and Peaches had to go through that. :cry:
whoa! talk about irrespnsible exterminators! even when we bomb the house (with the bombs you buy in the store) we don't bring any animals inside for 4 hours after we air the whole house out. the box says sooner but we are just paranoid people over here! i was going to ask who paid that vet bill. lucky for them. :evil:
:shock: :shock: That is so scary. I'm so glad Peaches is OK. I know you must have been terrified. I'll be thinking of you guys.

The company should pay for the Vet bills and your house being sprayed. That's the least they should do. You know they have to spray houses with pets. How can they not know the dangers and let people know? That is unprofessional and scary. :evil:
Wow I just read this. How scary! I would have freaked out too. Thank goodness your baby Peaches is doing better. And I am glad that the company is aware that they screwed up. How irresponsible of them IDIOTS!

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