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Hi all, I hope this is the right place to post this :)

I bought a 13 week old male chihuahua last week (Cujo), he is not KC registered as I wasn't looking for a stud or show dog, just a pet. But I *was* looking for a pedigree chihuahua, just because I've always wanted one and my other 2 dogs are cross breeds :)

Story is, I've been looking at breeders around my area but most specialise in smooth coats, and the ones that do breed long coats, never seemed to have the colour I wanted or had a mile long waiting list for that specific colour. I wanted a long coat sable or wolf sable and I've been looking for months with nothing that I really liked popping up.

Until last week, where a 12 week old pedigree sable & white male chi was advertised. He was bought as a companion for an older chi (6 years) who had just lost his chi friend at 13 years of age. Problem - the older chi still hadn't gotten over the death of the other Chi and never took to the puppy. So he was for sale, right in my town. Fate, I thought! And went to see him immediately.

It was love at first sight, a little larger than I had previously anticipated but perfect nevertheless. I bought him for £500 and he came with 5 generation pedigree history which includes (I think off the top of my head) 5-6 champion sires.

Now, my friend has a KC reg pomeranian, around the same age and they look ridiculously alike. Apart from Cujo is darker in colour and has bigger ears, the face is very similar. The body is also quite compact and chubby, not at all like any Chi I've seen...I've googled for hours and stilll haven't managed to find a Chi that looks like him anywhere, but a lot of poms that look alike!

His coat is ridiculously thick, I've never seen a chi puppy with a coat as thick as his. His snout is also quite long and he is quite large in size. My Chi x Miniature Poodle could fit in my hand at his age but he is probably nearly as big as her at 13 weeks, and she is 6 months old! He's just a lot shorter, his legs are very short :D

So I am wondering, how easy would it be to pass him off as a pure bred even if he wasn't (with pedigree papers)? Does he look like a Chi to you all? I don't care, because I would love him all the same, but I will be a bit annoyed if I have indeed been lied to and have paid out half a grand for a cross breed... :mad: Is there any way I could find out via the Kennel Club by tracing back the champion sires? I know a lot of the owners probably used these champions as studs to a lot of females, would it even be worth a shot?

I saw photos of the parents, individually and with the pups, also photos of his siblings who, apart from being much more slender, looked just like him. The lady who bought him had been conned before, she paid a lot of money for her 6 year old chi who, now that he's fully grown, looks nothing like a chi and more of a jack russell cross if anything - so she took the photos when she went to buy the puppy to make sure she knew she was getting a pure bred but now, I'm not so sure myself...

Thank you in advance! x

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