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Pedigree Research

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Hi everyone,

Im researching my new puppies pedigree. Ive put it online but im having trouble finding pictures for her ancestors. Here is the link to her pedigree

Joshurst Princess Adelina for Lanillio - Chihuahua

Does anyone know where I can find pictures of any of the dogs in her pedigree?

Thanks! x
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She's cute! The Black & Tan smooth i take it is yours?

Google the names (If arefamous Ch's) but even typing in a dogs name may bring up their photo in the images section or through links. It may take a while! Contact the Breeders in the pedigree (The affixs are the kennel names i.e Clayburn, Morrisam, Kivox etc)Where abouts are you? That pedigree looks v familar!
Ive tried googling them and have had no luck. I cant even find details of the kennels! Im not even sure the breeders are still alive lol. Im in falkirk Scotland :) and yes this is my new b+t baby :D
i couldnt find many details when i had a quick look last night, shes gorgeous btw!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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