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Reese: Caramel short haired Chihuahua; Rocky: Brindle short haired Chihuahua
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Hello everyone. I have two chihuahuas about 5 months old and decided to do pee turf instead of making them go outside in our harsh winter weather. They seem to take to it fairy well, although one seems to have issues walking all the way on the pad and tends to pee on the floor at the edge of it. Lately I've been finding little brown 'presents' around the house as well. I'm thinking maybe they need the pads (yes I have them in two areas of the house) cleaned more than twice a week? Does anyone have this issue? I do have pee pads under them as well in the tray to catch the pee and change those in between cleanings of the turf.

Another thing is, how do you clean them? I've been using vinegar and water to get the smell out and hanging them to dry.

Is there a better system than this turf? I've seen real grass options as well, but not sure if that's any better. Thoughts? :)
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