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Keep her on a lead in the house and keep the lead in your hand..that way you know where she is all of the time and you can catch her in the act. These little buggers are so fast and are so tiny they can go and pee and you not know it. Until she can be trusted to roam free you need to keep your eyes on her and that's where keeping her on the lead comes in. If you can't watch her...then she can go in the crate..but not for hours on end of course

Go back to square one on housebreaking. I know so many ppl who have little dogs and they don't bother to housetrain them. Then they wonder why their house smells like a dog toilet. ewww. They use the puppy pads..which aren't bad..I have to use them in the winter...Bailey will not go out in the snow..she screams..not yelps..screams! But they aren't teaching the dog that the house is not it's toilet. Durng the warm months she goes lab puppy is belled trained and my other 3 dogs have learned that if they ring the bell too they will go outside. No more barking, no more pee dances..just a little ring of the bell. :)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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