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Zola is peeing all the time. I think it may be because there is allot of water in his baby food. I add some extra water to it also. He never drinks water on its own out of his bowl tho. Does anyone think it could be anythign else other than just his babyfood?
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how does he seem in himself ? is the pee always a god colour etc ?

(How long has he got to stay on baby food for ? )
He has to stay on the babyfood until he grows up a bit. The vet said dog food is far to rich for his tummy at the moment and thats what was making him sick.

Hes totally fine in himself. Hyper and playful as usual. His pee colour is clear not really yellow or anything
it could be all the extra water but it could also be a urinary tract infection. espicially if he is going more frequently, but there is only little bits of urine at a time, stronger odor, darker in color ect. if you are really concerned take a urine sample to the vets and have them test it.
I just thought Id check what you all think. I don't think its an infection tho as he dopesnt really peeing is small bits. Its always a big bit and he manages to not go at all during the night
how old is he now ??

what puppy food upset him , shame :(
hes 3 and a half months old now. It was james wellbeloved. My vet said pedigree is really not good for him either. He said that the babyfood is much easier on his belly for just now. When hes older he can have the james wellbeloved again with a small amount of mashed potato
Bless him your little guy :) I bet he loves the baby food :) I know my lad would ;) Did the vet say to give him any vitamins etc added to the baby food ??

( I'm not saying anything is wrong with baby food just interested is all :) )

Sara :wave:
nope he just said babyfood and to make sure its ones with meaty stuff in them cuz its better for him. He said he can have baby rusks to and he goes mental for them. Loves them sooooooooo much. Who'd have thought
:) what a little angel , he is gonna be such a baby , which is wonderful :)
( my fizzy is saying please let me have baby food mum ;) 0

Another question (sorry if I'm a pest ) does he have good solid poo on baby food ?
ask away, I really dont mind. The poops are solid just had hard solid. There softer, like the baby food you know, hehe. Sounds gross I know. He just did the biggest longer poop ever
paint my world said:
Sounds gross I know. He just did the biggest longer poop ever

lol my fizzy does ' long ' poos too lol :lol:
he seems fine to me If he is acting normal and eating and pooping normal, urine is clear I wouldnt be too concerned still a baby lol
when they are little they pee a lot ...but if he's not drinking , besides the water in his food ...he may have an urinary infection's best to get a vet to take a look at him :wave:

kisses nat
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