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She is so pretty!! :D
Those pics are outstandingly delightful. Ruby is such a beauty, I could look at pics of her every day. Keep them coming please...... :angel7: :love7:
Beautiful pictures as usual. Of course with such a great model every picture would come out great.
like those pics.. look like coverpage photos
she's just can you let her sleep , i would harrass her constantly :D

kisses nat
Beautiful Ruby!! Did you mess up her nap mommie? :D
yuo are an excellent photographer and you have a wonderful model :D
Wow! What a covergirl. She is so freakin pretty it is killing me.

i have a pic like that, deano's head is resting on my fluffy pillows and he is half asleep!
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She has such an angelica :angel1: face. I love :love5: seeing pics of her you do such an excellent job. :)
Absolutely beautiful as always...the face of an angel...I am so envious of the sleeping pic's...Bella always opens her eyes, not matter how sound asleep she is, as soon as she hears the shutter go the eyelids LOL ( or at least one ! )
omg! love the 3rd one :D
:love4: I'm in love with Ruby!! She's just beautiful!
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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