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Ollies and Amelias 2 the 2 best bargain places in Maryland and Pa.

Don't know if theyhave them anywhere else but I know they have them in those 2 states.

Amelias for groceries and Ollies for everything else.......WAHOOOOOOOO

Some doggie examples for Ollies.....
Stainless steel dog crates... half the price of Petsmart and nice for when you need to leave your baby alone when she's not housebroken.
Dog toys...usually 75% less then petsmart.
Name brand retractable dog leashes $3.99 instead of the $12.99 at petsmart
Stainless steel pet bowls with rubber no slide edges... medium 99 cents large $1.99
Freezer style keep cold watering bowls... 99 cents at Ollies $4.99 pet store
various other items that change each week and some things they get back as they sell out.

Doggie examples at Amelias
DOG FOOD is the best deal .. usually 30-75 percent less then petstore Prices. Example.... Natural Recipe 40 pound bag lamb puppy food is $25 in pet store.....$8.99 in Amelias.
Various name brand dog treats. Example Pupperoni ...$3.99 at grocery store and 99 cents at Amelias
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