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Pepe wants to get on my lap...

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Pepe shows off his chihuahua scream of death. He gets up on the second shelf of my shelfing unit and cries to come on my lap. Such noise from such a little dog.

Pepe wanting up in my lap - YouTube
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LOL, that's just so cute! And the look of "aren't I just to cute to resist" is priceless. :laughing5:

Jadzia looked at the computer tilting her head and then at me as if to say "did you hear that?"

Kira just curled up and went to sleep, I think it's because she hears Jadzia making that noise all the time. Jadzia is our drama queen with her 'scream of death' so her Daddy will rescue her LOL :rolleyes:
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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