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Peppy's trip to the Behaviouralist

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Peppy had his first trip to the behaviouralists today.

They both think that Peppy is a full chihuahua, not a cross. They just say he is a big one but they are 98% sure he is a purebreed.

Now with his escaping and barking problems they said the best thing for him (and Toby) is confinement. The side of our house can be shut off from the rest of the yard. Its a big area where the dogs mainly sleep and Peppy cant dig out of it. The ladies said stick them in their and only let them into the main yard for a few hours a day, as a reward system. Peppy is also now being crate trained. They've loned us a crate and he is in it as I type. I just locked him in it and will let him out in an hour and then lock him back in it to sleep and let him out in the morning. He seems to like it. Its been there since lunch time and he's been going into it on his own accord. They said dogs like a little place they can go and call their own.
Ive also been taught how to teach him basic obiedience (sit, stand, stay, drop and come) so I get control over him. Also a change in his diet has been suggested so we're doing that.
They also said he lacks self-confidence and is a very insecure dog and have given me some tips on how to build his confidence.

So fingers crossed that this all works. He will be going back to see them in a few weeks.
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that's great news !! i hope everything will work out fine .....peppy's worth it :wink:

kisses nat
:hello1: I'm sure Peppy will do great with this new 'system'. Keep us posted.
That's great are doing so well with Peppy, I'm sure you will successfully retrain him !
oh i hope this is it for you guys! fingers crossed! sounds like you're on the right track!
My fingers are crossed for you both :wink:
That is great news! It sounds like they have given you some really good advice. Please keep us updated as I have been considering something like this for Annabelle. (I may start another thread on it :wink: )
fingers, toes, arms, and legs are all crossed for you and peppy
Seems like you got a lot of great advice. I hope that everything works out for the best. Peppy is one of my favs. Good luck :D
Yey that is such great news :wave:
Thanks everyone :D

So far so good, he spent the night in is crate without a single peep out of him :D He even held on to go to the toilet till i let him out early this morning. Im feeling really positive about it all.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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