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Pet clothes question

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I'm trying to make some clothes for Lex, and I'm using the patterns that the free site someone put up here.
And I measured Lex's girth and it is 10 inches, so i used the 10inches one but it came out waaaaay too small! It jus wouldnt fit around this chest. I sewed where it asked me too and it still didnt com out. I had to use the 15 inch one for it to finally work. Are any of you have this problem with this pattern? Or do you guys know of a better pattern to use? I tired to look for Mia's Mom's pattern she posted up here awhile back but i dont think the picture works anymore. I'm just so confused I'm decent at sewing and generally know how to use patterns, but this one confused me lol!! :D
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Did you allow extra inches for the hemming,when i make things i add extra on and then keep measuring it as i am making it , just before i sew i pin then tack then pin other bits, it takes longer but they fit okay in the end :)
I should probably try that. I just figured sewing on the dotted line where she suggested would work ya know, since its her OH well, thanx for the advice I'll try that tonite! Maybe upload some pix of some I've made so far. :D
Guess I'm overly cautious, but I always go up in size when trying out a pattern. You can always adjust if it is a bit large, but there isn't much you can do if it is too small. :lol:

In addition to allowing for seams, you need to remember to allow for the overlap for the closure and for ease of movement as you don't want it to fit so tight as to be uncomfortable.
I think I used the 12 inch pattern on Gadget on that site. IT fits him really good.
I think it was the type of fabric i was using, i had to double fold it otherwise it would fray. I bought some better kind and going to try again, should have something done this this week. I bought lots of pretty blue colors, im excited! hehe.
also, if you try to print the patterns directly from the internet, they are not scaled correctly... so make sure to save the JPG to your computer and open it in a photo program (Photo Editor or something like that) and print it from there.
The 11" pattern I just printed and it just fit on a 8x11 paper, so if you were able to print the 15" on 8x11, I think it's not printing it accurately. (make sure the program you are printing it with isn't set to "scale to fit")
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