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Pet ID Tags?

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Anybody know of any fast turnaround online pet id tag stores? I am looking for some small brass/metal tags for our 4 (almost 5) chihuahuas.

All are microchipped and they have managed to destroy or wear out their original tags. Need microchip details one side and contact details on the other.

Any ideas?
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There are many flea markets and pet shops that will print them up for you. or carry a machine that does. I know nothing about the UK but there must be a place of such there

sorry this went into yor PM box how i dont know lol
Most good pet shop's should be able to order them for you :D
I bought a lovely pet id tag from ebay. Its small but not thin like some tags and has deep set pink on one side with a heart. I cant remember the sellers name unfortunately. But he has different colours/,green etc. If you put pet tag in as a search in ebay you will know the ones i mean when you see them. I paid £6 approx and postage (free engraving included in price) there in U.K but may post abroad. :)
Thanks for the replies everyone.

I think I'm going to do a search on ebay as 'Seren' has mentioned.

I'll let you know how I get on. 8)
Gadget has a little brass barrel with copies of his tags in side. I have his original tags on my key chain because they are all too big for him...

Plus he is microchipped...
Let me know if you find one on ebay. If you think you have then pm me the sellers name, and i will know if its the same one i bought mine off,if you want. :)

Gadgets mum im getting my little girl microchiped too. How old was Gadget when he had his? Im getting her next Tuesday. And taking her to vets for a checkup on the way home. She will be 8 weeks. I was going to have her at 10 but as shes done so well im having her earlier. I cant wait! Anything you think i should ask the vet etc? Thanx :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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