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pet london

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has anyone seen all the new stuff on pet london they have a new range of things that has i love chihuahuas written on they ave the beds,coats,collars everything they are great i so want them
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Thanks so much , I want a Chihuahua bowl , gonna order one as soon as I can & a coat too :):) The Chi bed is so nice too ( but not the right colour for my house )
I think once London is a little calmer ( the police are still saying don't go into london unless you have to , so they can sort all the crime sceens etc ( sorry about spelling ? ) )

I will call them and go and see their showroom ...... :)
yeah i was saying to the b/f last nite if i had my own place id have a room for my chis with the crayon sofa and the crayon bed but then i looked on e bay and some people are making tiny pine beds for so cheap and they look fab
Those new things are so cool.
I really like the white and pink Chi collar and the keychain.
The bowler bag style carrier is SO expensive for what it is though, it's just like my Juicy Couture one and it was less than half what that one cost!

Pet London has great stuff but I do think they're a bit pricey with some of their things.
yeah i know thats the only prob the prices id love to buy loads off of there maybe il win the lottery lol
its so nice aint it im thinking about getting ruby the pink cradle bed off of there
i know its brill i want it all lol
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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