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Hello I have a carrier purse for sale. it has been used like 4 times still in perfect condition. I would like 10.00 plus shipping for this if interested let me know. its a small and I think goes up to 10 lbs

I had a few people interested in buying this so I sold it to the first person (Mammadog )but I havent gotten the money yet its been several weeks now. I was told it was sent to the wrong addy which is possiable but still havent gotten nor a response about payment.Which means they changed her mind and just didnt want to say so.
I wouldnt of mentioned all of that but its just so if I get another reply please dont say you want it then never send the money becouse I already cancelled this off ebay which in turn cost me money and still didnt get rid of it. Thanks

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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