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PetFlow Groupon deal again! $15 for $30! ZP, S&C at half price!

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I just bought mine. Here is the link:
PetFlow Deal of the Day | Groupon Central Jersey

Trying not to be greedy but last time we could purchase 2, this time only 1 but hey, a bag of ZP for half price? SURE!

If you are not already registered with Groupon, you can register through my link here (I think I get a credit of some kind-if I even did the link right! Just full disclosure)
Dallas Deals: Coupons on Things to Do in Dallas | Groupon Deals

Just wanted to share a deal!
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Sweet, I'm gonna get 2 Stella & Chewys Freeze Dried bags, and 1 box of Carnivore Kisses, all for $37! :)
Thanks so much! I will be getting that for sure.
Looks like it is active tomorrow. I hope that they have us put the Groupon in as a gift certificate so that we can still use free ship promo code.

Also, I was incorrect. The last Groupon I posted about was PetFoodDirect, not PetFlow. PetFlow is where I order regularly. Best price I can find on ZP.
Awesome, thanks Karen!!
What an awesome deal! thanks for posting!!
Ugh.. I tried to apply the groupon to my scheduled order, and it didn't work. I am now trying to place a separate order and it said the Groupon has already been used...
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