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PetPlan users! Tell me about filing a claim, please?

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No claims needed but was chatting with hubby about enrolling Eden (Hope and Ruby are enrolled already). Told him that I thought you have to send in medical records from every place each baby has been when filing a claim. He said it sounded like a lot of work. I checked the website and it did not seem that laborious. That said, I have not actually filed a claim.

However, thinking through his question, I started wondering. It seems I could contribute $50 per girl each month automatically into a savings account and quickly have saved what I pay in premiums. No paperwork, etc. Provided not all 3 had LP at the same time, I'd quickly have enough to cover a surgery or unexpected issue that would have been covered by their insurance.

Can you tell me about the filing/claims process to help me better decide?

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I have Lion enrolled in PetPlan. I have not had to file a claim yet, but from what I understand you give the claim form to your vet and they can fax the records the PetPlan. I have the same thought about saving the money you pay for premiums. I still save a little each month, but I like the reassurance that I could get most of the money back if Lion needed major surgery.
Thanks, girl!

One thing that I found odd is that my vet group is not in their system. It is a group of 2 offices, 9 vets so not a single vet nor small office. I made a request to get them added in but each time I go check it tells me that they are not in their system.

I am just having second thoughts about keeping all three in it but rather managing it myself.
I have my three 'pets' enrolled, because I know I'd be tempted to spend more than what I consider reasonable on their medical expenses and I don't feel it'd be fair to my family.

That said, I have made a was fairly simple, you need to have each vet that has seen your dog fax over a copy of your dog's file. You then have to send in the receipts for the claim specifically. It really isn't that bad, it was sort of a pain when I filed one because I'd had Oakley seen by like 3 vets. Once they had everything we got a check within 2 weeks.

We could afford medical expenses for our dogs up to and including some exorbitant things...but the insurance is nice so I don't feel I have to make a decision based on how reasonable the cost of a treatment is. That said I'd never treat a dog for something like cancer b'c they just do not understand why you are making them be in pain and hurting and feeling sick fo r along time. But things like broken legs, etc, the insurance is nice for.
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I will tell you what I went through when i was considering Bijoux for Pet Plan and I'll tell you where I stand so you know where I'm coming from.

1) I am a poor student
2) There is no limit of what I would pay for Bijoux if it would restore her quality of life. I do not believe in putting down a dog because of money.
3) For Bijoux to be insured it looked to be roughly 55$ a month for emergency insurance (silver plan)

Why I did not get it
1) She is not a house and thus will not incur a 100,000$ vet bill
2) she is young and super healthy and I keep her that way. None of my dogs have ever been over weight and get plenty of exercise she is very physically fit
3) she comes from a good linage thus reducing her likely-hood of inherited medical issues

What I did instead
1) I set up a seperate "Bijoux account"
This account is only for her, every pay a certain amount comes out automatically and is put into this account. I never carry the debit card with me so i'm not even tempted to use it. But the money is there for her an easily assessable if she needs it.

I know that LP does not usually fully show itself until 2 and based on Bijoux's knees only one is on watch which the vet thinks she is going to grow into just fine. So far she's low risk.

I just really didn't want to pay a company money for a what if. I'd rather have that money myself for her without the hassle of it. And that my friends is my 2 cents.
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