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Picking her up tomorrow!

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I am picking up my new little girl tomorrow. This is my first puupy ever and I am a little nervous. I have a plastic crate, food and water dish, wee-wee pads, fleece bed, nylabone puppy chew, squeaky stuffed animal, and squeaky soft ball. I will buy the food from the kennel.

Should I buy a harness or collar yet? Or is she too young? How soon can I put a collar on her.

Please let me know if I am forgetting anything. I need all the advice I can get.

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Yeah..I am so excited for you!!!!

So, have you decided if you're going to call her Boo?

How much did u say she weight? She is probably tiny so I suggest you buy her a harness, always if you can find one that fits her.
(I love harnesses over collars expecially for little dogs)
I don't really think there is a certain time when you can put a harness/collar on. I would say that if one fits her, go ahead and buy it.
The earlier you put it on, the sooner she will get used to it. :wink:
I agree with Stelun! A ferret harness will probably fit your little girl the best at this age.

You picking her up tomorrow means more pictures for us to see --- I can't wait!! Good luck! :wave:
Yes I bought a ferret harness for Koke and it worked very well.

Don't forget the Nutracal or Nutrastat!
Ohhhhhhh, how exciting is that?? She looks so cute!!! What a fun time, sounds like you are ready for her!! :)
i got a cute little red harness from wal-mart for my bella. shes full grown now at 2.5lbs so she was very tiny when i got her at 8wks. it was the smallest size they carried and only cost about $4. i saw the same harnesses at petsmart for 8.99. or if you want a custom made harness go to, they have some really pretty ones you can choose from and sellers who will make it to fit your dog. ebay has really great prices too. :)
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