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My yorkie chloe turned 1 years old on January the 6th and so last weekend we went to the doggie park with some friends and thier dogs. It was lots of fun and the park was very busy with lots of other dogs. Tinkerbell (my chihuahua) was very funny, she'd go up to any dog that was bigger than her and challenge them to a chase. She looked so cute in her little ruffled dress and she was trying to be such a "tough girl".
Here are some pictures:

Here is Tink running at the Park:

Heres chloe begging for attention :love7:

Heres a pic of chloe, Tink and Rambo doing what dogs do best, sniffing butts and potty,lol :lol:

Heres a picture of CHloe, Rambo, Trixie and my friend Mandy:

And heres chloe on the day of her birthday with her special birthday dress that momma made:
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