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Picture of Ernie

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This is my new buddy....
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He's adorable!! I love his ears!
I'm so happy you have him. :D
He is beautiful. I am so glad you found another chi. He will never replace Lito but at least he can help ease the pain of loosing him. I wish you all the best with him! Cannot wait to see more pics :D
Wow he's so cute! You 2 were ment to be together and I bet that right now Lito is looking down on you guys 'cause he's you and Ernie's gardian angel! :angel2: :angel7: :angel8: :angel11: :)

aaaaaw what a little darling!!!!

kisses nat
Very cute!
He is adorable and will bring you so much joy. :D I'm happy for you!
he looks like he's up to something, look at that smile :) he's very cute.
Oh he is a very handsome boy! I love him! :D
He is simply the best!!! Congratulation on your new pup!
Welcome Joe and Ernie! :D

What a gorgeous handsome boy! :D I am so happy for you! :D
The markings on his back are almost identical to my little Poppy's...enjoy him! :wave:
Ernie is adorable. I am so happy you found a new baby. :D
What a pretty, er I mean handsome boy he is. I wish you and Earnie years and years of happiness together.
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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