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Logan is a SWEETIE!! So cute! I love the picture with the block, he's so adorable!

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Oh dear I hope this thread isn't going to make all you ladies broody, we've got enough going on with Chi broodiness!

Barbara x

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Thanks everyone for the great comments... I'll try and be better about posting pictures more in the future... providing everyone wants to see them. I did want to take a second and direct some comments back at everyone... so here goes... I think I got everyone who said something

@ Ciarra and Harley's Mom
Yeah he has really grown since the pic in my siggy. I guess it's time to update that... lol. I can't believe it either
@Brody's Mom
I think that's probably my favorite picture too
Thanks :) I agree. Although I might be biased :)
I have to agree that it's a great age... most of the time atleast... lol.. not so much when he's being a little brat though... lol. Although he really is a good kid most of the time. I'm lucky that way
He really has grown up fast and he does have cute little cheeks :)
Thanks :)
Time certainly does fly :) I can barely believe it's been 2 years either
I don't know where time has gone either... I know what you mean about it seeming like he was just born :) Thanks for the comment about the pic with the 2 of us. I never think I take good pictures
Thanks :) He is a sweetie (most of the time atleast... lol) :)
@ Kristin,
I know what you mean. I remember the day that he was born well.... both the bitter and the sweet :) He is getting really big. I can't believe it
@ Maureen
Thanks :) I hear that he looks like me all the time :) He is a handsome little guy if I do say so myself :)
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