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Pies in hospital :(( NOT GOOD

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:crybaby: Pies been rushed to the vets this morning :( We woke up i picked him up and he jumped out my arms and landed on the hard wood floor. He went stiff, gasping, head bent back. His heart stopped and he stopped breathing so i gave him cpr and he came back. He was still gasping and his eyes were 'dead'. He came out of it and perked up abit on the way to the vet, heart beating strongly, eyes 'alive' breathing ok and looking about. he can move his legs and stand up. The vet has took him in and put him on ox, they said he's perking up and they say he's gone into shock. They are keeping him in hospital to see how he goes and see if they are going to xray him. I pray to god he'll be ok but I've got such a bad feeling and feel sooo guilty. Please send hope and wellness thoughts to him, Only had him a short while but he's my baby boy. Don't know how i'll get through this alone :(
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How awful!!! It was an accident, don't blame yourself. I will be thinking of you and of him today. Keep us posted!
Just rang the vet, pie is doing ok, he's very alert, barking at the other dogs he's had something to eat and pee'd and pooped so fingers crossed. They are going to give him some xrays just to make sure he hasn't got anything going on but the vet thinks not. Calling back at lunch time :/
Oh my gosh! sending the most positive wishes possible to you and your little man!! ((hugs))
Poor little guy!! Don't blame yourself, these things happen unfortunately. Glad to hear he's perking up now, keep us updated.
Oh my....thats one of my fears here...I have a jumper mother is getting older and loves the dogs I get very nervous when she wants to hold them while standing..
Be sure to ask about his organs...a blow like that can hurt his liver and such..I sure hope he continues to keep well...
Poor Pie! I hope he will be okay and you get to bring him home very soon.
Please keep us posted. btw, you are not alone :)

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OMG... will be thinking of Pie for a full recovery.... *hugs*
Oh my! I know how you must have felt. I will pray he will be perfectly fine.
Thank you so much for all your kind words and thoughts :)
Pie is home now, the vet has checked and doubled checked everything and he's fine. I have to watch him closely for the rest of today (safely say that he wont be leaving my sight!) and he's back to the vet first thing for a check. I think Pie has been a very lucky little pup :D xxxx
Oh gosh, how frightening! I'm so glad he's doing well and is back home with you! ((HUGS))
It was an accident and you saved him via cpr your a good momma
Awe, I will Pray for complete recovery. You are not to blame, our Chi can just jump with out any warning. I have wood floor too and worry all the time. Amberleah is so wiggly. My niece had a chi and jumped out of her arms and broke it leg.
How scary! I hope he continues to be ok. Will be sending positive thoughts your way.....
Sorry to hear about pie you must have been devestated I'm glad he's better now!
So glad to hear everything turned out okay!
awww, I am so sorry! Please don't blame yourself...sometimes things like that just happen. I am thankful that Pie is getting better and will continue to pray he gets home soon. (hug)
Poor Pie. Glad he is home. Don't feel bad and blame yourself. You were successful in giving him CPR. I don't know that I could be successful if I were to try it! You are a hero (heroine) in his eyes!!
I am so glad that Pie is okay! they are so quick - something like that can happen in the blink of an eye. I am so impressed that you knew how to do canine cpr and now thinking I should look it up to be prepared just in case. You never know when you will need it. ((((Hugs)))) I hope both of you get some well deserved rest tonight.
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