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I do not know how to post more then one pict. at a time so here is another.
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What a very handsome and unique looking Chi. I love the colors on his coat.

Wow, your baby has such unique coloring! Beautiful!
What a sweet looking litte Chi! Love the expression on her face and the name "Pixel" seems to fit her. :) Welcome!!

yeah! oh god she's beautiful! love her colouring! pixal is a great name! awww she's stunning!
Her breeder thinks her muzzle is too long so only gave me partial registration. I am getting her spayed next month (she is now 5 months and 3.8 pounds). What do you think of her conformation. I will try posting this also on the chat board.
its brilliant your breeder is a great person obviously and nows what she is talking about and obviously believes in only breeding to better the breed - shame there arent more like her - pixel is so stunning :wave:
Yes, the breeder is very nice. She has even kept from losing her temper when I pestered her about my pup only having partial registraion :) .Definitely mia culpa.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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