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Pixels conformation?

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I was only given partial AKC registration by Pixels breeder because she thought Pixel's muzzle is too long and she is a tad small (weighed 3.7 lbs at 22weeks). I know I may be blind to her flaws because I love her so much but I would like to hear what others think of her confirmation. I have her scheduled to be spayed August 8 and just want to hear what others think before the deed is done.
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I think she is gorgeous whatever!
Thank you, I know I really need to get her spayed because of the partial registration but it is fun to have others admire her. She is a sweet, feisty little girl. She is doing well in her puppy classes. I have just started trying to get her used to the clicker for her toy breed clicker class. I introduced her to the clicker last night. I tried pairing it with food. Well, she was very scared of the sound of the clicker. I am glad the class does not start for a few weeks. I will be gradually getting her used to the sound.
She is soooo pretty. I want one just like her!! Those colors!!! My goodness she is one of the prettiest doggies.
I'm no expert but she looks lovely to me. I've never seen another chi with that coloring. :)
she is beautiful but your breeder obviously knows what she is talking about as her muzz;le does appear slightly longer and she has more of a deer head than the conventional apple that is in the standar - personally I love the look of the deer as much as the apple - she really is striking :wave:
I love her!! The most unique chi I have ever seen, wish I was bringng her home with me :wink: Ilove the name too its perfect.
I think she is beautiful too but I would get her spayed as it is healthier for them anyway :D
Thank you for your replies. It really helps to hear what you all think of her. Her coloring is becoming more common. The AKC now accepts the merle color in chihuahuas.
If she can hold her tail over his back, and her head high in the air, side on, both legs looking like one, she is a true born rockstar.

Oh, and just letting you know, I always say 'Rock this world' 'Rock on' 'Rockstar' for everything. In other words, her conformation is perfecto.
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