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Play Pens

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Wooo I got my baby play pen today of chi pen rather. Away it's totally great in size and everything. Only thing I'm worried about is the sides. You know how there kinda net material. I worried incase my puppie tears thru that or even just catches his claws in there. Do you think it would be worth getting some extra hard material for stitching up the sides or something. I dunno... does anyone have any ideas?

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I was worried about this too, but on mine its pretty tough (i have a Hauck), every morning when we get up and once a week when we go out and come home Sully and Fynn go nuts for us to pick them up from being in their travel cot, they scratch the net, ive had mine about just over a year or so and its just like new.
It was just really becuz he's gonna still be really small when I get him so he'll be a wee terror I think til I get him trained and stuff. Plus I work 8 hours a day so he will be left in his pen for a chunk of the day. I will have people come check on him and make sure hes eating and so on tho. PLsu on Tues and Weds he'l be looked after all day by his aunt stacey. I;m thinking maybe just getting some sort of plastic sheets for the sides

I wouldnt get plastic sheets as he might chew those and swallow the peices what about old pair of cotton main curtains and just hang them down over the sides if you are worried.
i had a play pen for my pit bull puppy he loved it! then the teething started and he chewed through it, he was getting too big for it anyways.... i got one for chiwi too but i have a rare chihuahua that has part feline mized into the bloodline and she climbed out of it. imagine my heart dropping to see her teetering att he top when she was only 1.6 pounds! i caught her one time and she actually put her nails into the mesh and just climbed like a cat. play pens are a great idea IF your dog agrees that it is a great idea lol!
To be honest, Seiah has never attempted to chew on the sides. He does stretch and his nails will scratch it, but it is pretty tough.
I think I'll go for the old curtains or sheets or something like that. Thats gotta work. Ill be here all the timer at first to spy on him and supervise so we'll be seeing what he gets up to, hehe

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