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Josie my 4 month old pup is a good pup, but lately she has gotten into the habit of barking if she is left alone for even 30 seconds.In the morning this especialy troublesome becaus I have to get ready for work take shower ect.Her bark is so loud I think the neighbors probably can hear it to and 5 am in the morning it isn't fair to my neighbors. How do I curb this barking?
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try using a water sprayer whenevr she does it for no good reason squirt her - she wont then associate it with you and will think when i bark for nothing i get wet :wave: try it it should work
Some trainers will use binaca spray (breath spray). Because you can go to the dog and open the mouth and spray. This is the area that I am not happy with. binaca might be a bit strong for a chi. Maybe just something offensive-lemon juice, white vinegar on the tongue and a stern "no" just might do it....riley has started barking and he has the most shrill bark-do male dogs voices change-probably not, just my luck...
Cookie bark two days ago, quiet loud too. It surprised me that he bark since he is only 9 weeks old. Anyway i hold his mouth and said "NO", but he kept barking when i let go, so i hold his mouth again and said "No" for a few times and said "ssssssss"

He stopped then and so far he did not bark again

Hope that helps
I just ordered a device called Bark Free. You plug it in and when the dog barks it omits a sound only they can hear to deter the barking. I need it for my latest chi cause she hates my hubby and barks at him continously. I also can't wait cause I have another one that barks. I will have to let you know how it works. I ordered in on line through petedge. I know other order mags have similar ones.

YES, please let us know if the device works to curb barking. My little one barks at everything -- even the odd noise that just happens now and then like a car door closing outside.

I've seen the devices that give them a little shock, but these worry me on a dog as small as a chihuahua. My chi is up to 12 pounds so he isn't tiny, but still........ I much prefer the idea of one that makes sounds instead of shocking him. Does anyone have any experience with the various items like these?
Wow am I glad to hear you guys have this problem too! I have only had my dog for 10 days and when I described her before, I said she was "quiet", well that is so NOT the case now!! She just started barking at everything!! She knows who we are now, believe me, we haven't put her down much! But she barks at anyone that walks in the room, even me!! She acts like I am a stranger and I just say "Ohhhhh, it is just me, it is ok" but she still does it anyway. She barks at each kid as they get home from school and work. It kinda hurts their feelings I can tell. We all just reassure her, but in my mind I am hoping this doesn't go on like this forever!!! :shock:
Yesterday she barked at my dishwasher going and she also has been barking at the tv when it is on and she hears the different noise. Oh goodness. :?
Do not use the "shock" collar

The shock collar (emits shock to the dog's throat when they bark) can short out and the battery will cause severe acid burns to the dog. My daughter is a veterinary paramedic (certified, I am so proud of her!) and she has seen these burns.

I am totally against those shock collars, from personal use. Do NOT USE THEM! We put one on a doberman that we had and when he barked he would run around the house peeing everywhere and yelping in pain. We couldn't get the collar back off the dog because he was running around, when we eventually got it off, we swore we would never use anything like that again---------it was beyond cruel. The sound one I heard works really well though. Please anyone who is considering the shock one, dont use it, especially on a chi.
Mikey starts barking at the t.v. only if someone knocks. He's so goofy lol
Colleen13 (who is not 13! he, he!!) Oh my goodness, where can I get this noise thingy at? I would love to try that. Couldnt you use this when the dog starts to go potty in the house too, then I would just take her outside. What do you think? But the barking thing really needs help!! :)
How is the device working? Did it help quiet your pup down?
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