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A close friend of mine fosters chihuahuas and mixes in the Philadelphia area and we are trying to find homes for these cuties. These two are not attached or anything, but I figured it would be easier to list together and not start another thread for the same thing. If there is any interest at all or you may know someone, please let me know and We will see how it goes.

First up to bat, Farrah Wigglebutts. She is a little Chihuahua girl available for adoption. Super cute, friendly, spayed and looking for a home. Did I mention that she likes to wiggle her butt? Well, she likes to wiggle her butt.

Next to the plate, Bobby. Bobby is part Chihuahua and Terrier or Daschund boy. He is only 4 months old. He is an energetic puppy that loves people and to give kisses out.

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