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please help me.....

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i have this problem. Dobey is 14 weeks old... i just got him yesturday and I am trying to work on the training process but it's very tricky... i stuck him in the crate, it's placed in my closet, pretty big enough for him hes really small. And i have a gate closing it off... Now Iknow hes supposed to cry for a bit but he wouldnt stop, so i put his crate on the other side of my bed and stuck my fingers in there, he whined for about 10-15 min then he fell asleep... but since hes small and young he has to go the bathroom every 2 hours or so, so the first time he whined which is awesome because it's great hes letting me know he has to go..i placed him in his pen area and he went on the pee pad. He was shaking a lot so i thought i would hold him for a bit, then he slept near my arms....he woke up, placed him on the pad...and continued that, but that time i put him back into the crate, he whined for10-15 min. then slept... so i didnt get much sleep, but am i doing it right???? And.... I have to work 4 hours, 16 hours a week... i got him yesturday and the next morning i had to go to work, i know i know, i tried to have days off, but thats a long story.... so i put him in his pen, and had to go, he whined a lot before i left and was really hard to i worked the 4 hours, and rushed home, to find the poor thing right in front of my door that was slightly closed thank goodness.....he somehow chewed through the gate, it wasnt that durable, but i didnt think he would chew through it, and he got i've seen him try to jump on his carrier and he might hurt himself... So, i dont know how i would keep him contained while im at work....and how do you train to go outside.....if you work he has to have another place to go, but wouldn't that confuse him??please help...........
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Your puppy is probably going to whine and cry some for the first few days. He is in a new environment with new people and misses his mother I'm sure.

I'm not an expert by any means, but it seems to me you are giving him a mixed message by sometimes putting him to bed in his crate and sometimes letting him sleep with you. My Jasmine is almost 8 mos. old. I had decided before I ever brought her home that I would let her sleep with me so we started out that way. She does have a crate which she sometimes goes into and takes a nap or to play, but the door is left open so she can come and go as she pleases.

I'm not sure what sort of pen you have that he could chew through the gate. You might want to consider getting a wire crate or one of the x-pens or even a baby play pen will work. You do need to have some way to contain him when you are not there to supervise him-at least until he gets a little older and grows accustomed to his surroundings. If you have a large enough crate or pen, you can set up one end with his food and water and a pee pad. Some people put their puppy in the bathroom or kitchen area with a gate when they are away, so that is also an option. Just be sure you have puppy proofed the area if you decide to do that.

I used the pads for Jasmine while training her to go outside and I don't think it confused her at all. She still uses the pads at night and when I am gone during the day. There is really no right or wrong way to housebreak your puppy-just do what is easiest and works best for you. The key to housebreaking is consistency and patience, patience, patience.
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Try this website:

I think there was a tip on separation anxiety. Hope that helps in more ways than one! Let us know what worked best for you and your little one!!
Potty Training is a big thing for these little critters.... I have found that you have ot be very consistant.... You might want to try putting your little one in the kitchen with a gate then you can have his grate and then his potty pad and foiod water and toys... might also try leaving the tv or radio on for him...

Gadget does really good most of the time... he has found a new favortie place to go potty... He likes the bathroom floor.. So I had to put a pad down for him.. I got tired of cleaning the carpet every day.... He has used the potty pad 2 times since I put it there... He still uses the ones in the livingroomand bedroom... I am hoping now he will poo there and decide the bathroom is where he wants to go....

I have had him outside for 3 days now and he wants to be out there all the time but he won't potty out there yet... So today I put up a fence for him so he can go out there... Tomorrow I will put a potty pad out ther to see if he will use it while we are outside... I fence isn't that big but it will let him be free while we are sitting out there...

good luck and god bless...
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I got some very good info from my vet. He said the crate is the best and easiest. It seems to work very well for me. Cooper is 14 weeks and I have put him in his crate since I got him. You have to make the crate a happy place. Every time I put Cooper in there he gets a treat. I have the crate divided so it's just small enough for him to turn around. At 14 weeks they can hold it much longer than 2 hours. He goes to bed at 10 and I take him out at 6. After he goes out I feed him, he plays about 15 minutes then back in the crate. After an hour I take him back out because he has just eaten. He stays out about 2 hours, I put him out to potty a couple times, then back in the crate. I repeat this through the day. I used to put him in the bathroom when I worked so he could potty if he had to and the vet said no he needs to be a little uncomfortable so he learns to hold it so I crate him when I work. They also told me when he potties outside give him a treat immediately. The vet said about 4 months old is when they usually get it. He cried in the crate the first 3 days and it slowly tapered off after that. You have to be consistent. Hope this helps.
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thank you

thank you for all your guys info...ill try to do the crate thing, and stick with it .....wish me luck......that website is great too!
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