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Your thread (although so long ago) is exactly what I am dealing with. Prada (my newly adopted 4mo old chi) does just the same thing. She will go anywhere but the pad, unless I catch her mid-stream and move her to the pad. :foxes15: Did you ever get this resolved? And, if so, please share HOW you became successful.

Thanks sooo much in advance!

So my Chi is 8 weeks old. We live in an upstairs apartment, and are currently only using the pee pad for pottying. We were using just the pee pads on the floor, and it was hit and miss. She normally would poop on the pad, and then walk off of it and finish pooping. She peed mostly on the floor, but when I'd catch her she'd pee on the pad. Well, I got a pee pad holder, thinking that might help her stay on the pad when she's pooping. Well, she seriously refuses to go on it. I can tell she she has to go, and I put her on it. She will keep just walking off, then pee 1-2 feet away from it. I don't get it! She won't poop on it either, unless we catch her mid poop and put her on it.

Is she too young to potty train? Or can 8 week old puppy's still get it? I want her potty trained, but don't know what else to do! Heeeelp!
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