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Please help !!!!!!!!!!!!

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The lady i got my second pup from call me twice a day every day to check on him to check on him witch is fine but become annoying she sold him to me because she work alot and is hardly home she felt if would be be better to place him in a good home were some one is home alot to spend more time with him she thinks i am going to let him stay some weekends at her house not going to happen she lives 50 miles a way and he is my dog now i did not get a recite when i paid for him all i have is a stack of vet bills because i took him with a fracture leg witch is all heal now i call here for his papers she said i was going to mail them to the a k c this week so is going to register him in here name what can i do to show prof that she sold him to me am i even the legal owner with out those papers i don't know what to do i don't want to say to much because i don't know if she has the right to come get him or say i stole him i have really no prof .
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Did you pay cash for him or do you have a cancelled check?
I'm confused

She wants the dog back?
sounds like a big mess to me..

good luck and God bless
I paid cash for him. i don't think she wants him back she just say things like do you want to spend the weekend with me or when he got his cast off thurs he was sore she says he can stay the weekend here to recuperate isn't that my job to take care of him because i have no prof of purchase i think the minute i cut contact i think she will try to get him back she wants it to be like we are divorce parents i paid my money i will send her pics every couple of months but this is to much i had no ideal it will be like this i tough i was doing her a favor by giveing her dog a good home when she need it.
In my opinion it makes no difference if you have a 'receipt' or not. In fact most of us probably don't. You do not have to let him stay at her house, that is just ridiculous of her to suggest that. It kinda sounds like she might be wanting him back.

If I were you I'd let her know that he will NOT be staying there. He should be registered in YOUR name. You don't owe this woman anything and she should be told that.

Also, you have a stack of vet bills. To me that is proof that you bought him. Who would pay the vet bills of someone else's dog?

Good luck. Let us know what happens with her, she sounds a bit fishy. :wave:
Good grief. I'm sorry you are having to deal with this craziness. Like Kari said, I think the Vet bills alone would show who the owner is. Plus possession is 9/10's of the law.

Good luck!!
Vet bills do serve as proof of ownership in Texas ... I don't know about Delaware.
Yea thats a little creepy :? . I understand she misses him and all but she sold him, I think it's nice of you to continue taking the phone calls :roll: . I don't know what to say on a legal bases. Hope everything blows over well.
If payment of vet bills constitutes ownership (and I'm guessing any reasonably sane person would agree), I'd cut her off completely. She's starting to sound like a stalker (she calls twice a day and she's planning to register him in her name???). :shock:

I think you have to cut off all contact.
What a mess!!! I would just make it clear he is YOUR dog and now YOU will be taking care of him from now on, that or change your phone number.. lol

good luck
I agree you should cut off all contact. While I can sympathize with someone who has to rehome their chi due to circumstances beyond their control, she's going completely overboard.

Why would she register him in her name? It's your dog now, and should be registered in your name. If she refuses to do that, I would just forget about the registration papers. They really aren't necessary unless you are planning to breed anyway. In my opinion, the papers aren't worth continued contact or arguments. Just because she registers him in her name, does not make him hers.
Did she sell you a dog with a broken leg? hmmm maybe she couldnt afford the vet bills you fixed the dog and now she wants him back? ya think? What you can do is let your vet document in the chart no info to be given and let them know there is a problem atleast it is documnted and can be used just incase
I agree with Chimom. It sounds like you only wanted him for a companion, anyway. Papers aren't worth the trouble this lady is causing you. Just cease all forms of contact (sending pictures as well as taking her phone calls) and hope for the best. Eventually, she'll take the hint!..maybe. She is certainly sounding quite stalker-ish to me.
wow...i'd definitely cut off all contact. is the dog microchipped yet? if not, have him microchipped with all your info. (i'm not sure how microchipping works, but i'm guessing it has the owners info and all that)

i can understand that she misses him, but she sold him to you therefore he is YOUR dog. and i have to agree, vet bills should be enough proof of ownership. and, since he is your dog, there is no need for him to be registered in her name.

good luck with this whole situation. hopefully she'll get the hint and leave you alone.
I just realized something that is so simple, it's stupid.

If she wants the dog back and tries to sue you or calls the police, the burden of proof is on her. If she can't prove it's her dog, then she doesn't have a leg to stand on. My guess is she doesn't have vet bills to prove anything and, if she does, yours are more recent anyway.

Microchipping would be a good idea; the owners info is all stored in a database, including name, address, phone number, etc. By running the scanner over the dog, it returns a number and you call the database folks and they give you the info stored on the chip.
what kind of papers does she have that states the dog was hers? does she have vet bills? is he microchipped? does she ahve a bill of sale or reciept from when she got him? if she ahs all that then it will be hard prooving you paid for him. did you take out the full amount from your bank account and do you still have that reciept cause that is a way of proof as far as paying cash for something. having that withdrawal slip with the full amount. good luck i hope everything works out for you.
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