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Hi all! Could you help my friend and watch her youtube video. She has entered it into a competition for a local horse charity.

Here is the email she sent with the link. Watch in full screen to read the text better.

I am sending this to everyone on my mailing list to ask for help. Can you take time to watch a You Tube video I made that is in a contest and rate it, make comments, etc. and ask anyone you know to do the same? The contest is through the Alex Brown Racing website and can be found there under Video contest. The winning video is determined by a combination of the number of views, number of comments, and rating.. I am hoping to have a chance to win 1000. to be donated to CANTER to benefit the thoroughbreds who need homes from Mountaineer Racetrack. Thank you! Here is the link It is called "The faces of Horse Slaughter"

Thank you, Em
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