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plug in adaptor that imitates pups mums smell-anyone tried?

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Has anyone tried the plug in adaptor(sorry i dont know what its called). When its switched on it imitates the smell of the pups mum and is supposed to settle the pup down and night. I was just wondering if its worth getting. :? :)
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Sorry, I have never heard of anything like that. Where did you find this out? I was actually thinking about getting the bed with a stuffed dog attached to it. The stuffed dog has a 'heart beat' like thing inside that poses as the momma's heart. If you do get the adaptor thing, let us know how well it worked or didn't work! :wave:
The dog with the heartbeat works really well, in fact, we have several at the hospital that we use for abandoned kittens and puppies and it calms them down amazingly well.

Never heard of the scent of puppy mom, not sure how it would work since each dog smells different, but that would really interesting to buy, and smell =)
Its supposed to give the pup a feeling of well being. I dont know if it works but i will let you know if i get one. I will ask my breeder about them when i see her tomorrow. The heartbeat teddy sounds wonderful! Can you buy them online? :)
Yea, there's one at Target for 29.99. Try this link:
And if that doesn't work, it's called Comfort Pup.
Thanx i`ll have a look at that link :)
I heard about that Puppy Comfort thing before....and I was interested in getting it but I couldn't find it in any of the pet stores here in Quebec. Anyway...i got this spray made of Pheromones, the same ones that the mom produces when she's had pups. (At least that's what they say) kinda worked with makes her really sleepy's like if she's all sedated so I stopped using it. I use it mostly when I bring her to the vet or stressful trips. And with Sally Lolita ...well, it doesn't really do anything to her. She doesn't react.
I think that thing that u plug on the wall uses the same pinciple...the scent of the mom (the pheromones) ...but I am not sure....
Anyway, I just thought I'd share my experience with the "Dog Appeasing Pheromone Spray", that's what it's called...and u can find it on this website
Yes i should have said it gives off the pheromone scent not mums scent :oops: lol. I havent bought one yet but have now bought a comfort pup.It cost me £32 with postage. I got it off a U.K site as the 'target' site doesnt deliver to U.K. Im looking forward to seeing what its like and thanks Stephanie/Nate for recommending it. :D

Link for pup comforter. :)
No problem! Let us know how it works out for your furbaby! :wave:
Yeah i will do Steph :) I saw my baby last night for first time and shes so pretty and tiny.... hehe! Will post pics as soon as my boyfriend e.mails them to me :shock: :D
How old is your baby?? Post pics whenever you can... You know everyone here would love to see your furbaby!! Good luck with the Comfort Pup as well :thumbup:
Shes just over four weeks old now. I have the pics via e.mail but i cant seem to be able to save them to my documents at all :( I will post them tonight when my boyfriend can sort this out for me. Im no computer whizz as you can tell! :lol:
P.S the comfort pup arrived today and its really nice :D
that's a great idea, i'm thinking about getting the puppy comforter for vienna...when i leave her alone for the first time......
she doesn't like to be left alone......and it breaks my heart if i know she's crying :cry:

kisses nat
I dont know it the puppy comforter works as i dont have my pup yet. But its really nice and soft and i can imagine a little pup would cuddle up to it. :)
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