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Kemo's mamma said:
twice a day? Do you go more than twice a day? I sure do!! :D

Your dog is in new surroundings........its natural for them to goof up you are expecting too much....confine him to smaller areas if you cant watch him 24/7. Dogs this small need to go out every 2 hours if actively running around, eating drinking playing etc. When they sleep they can hold it longer, crate training is very much recommended. it helps the dog to learn to hold it as generally they do not like to mess where they sleep and its a safe place for them -- its not cruel at all. Please spend some time on the internet reading as much as you can and I am sure your baby will adjust and work out!! :wave:

Everydog will be different you must keep that in mind when training :)
:headbang: what she too early to give up.. :?
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