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imkari said:
I agree, it is WAY too early to give up. Mine still have occasional accidents and I wouldn't rehome them for that. You have been given great advice already. I'd suggest you try the crate training. :wave:

I agree 100% Imakari.

You have to remember that Jack is still VERY new to you and if I am not mistaken you had said he was in a kennel? You have to set boundaries with him, be persistent. And you have to let him out WAYYYY more than 2 twice a day! More like every 2 hours. You need to supervise him outside to make sure you are seeing him go potty, then you can praise him when he does. Then this way you also know that he HAS gone potty and wont come in and potty in the house. If you take him out and he doesn't go poo or pee. Take him straight inside and crate him up. Then the next 2 hours take him out, when he does go potty then he can stay out. He will soon learn HMMM if I go outside then I can stay out. PLEASE PLEASE don't give up on him!! He needs you!! :)
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