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Poll what colour chihuahua do you have?

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what colour of the chi Rainbow do you have ?? :wave:
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red ,white and fawn is my chi rainbow :wink:

kisses nat
Cooper is chocolate colored with a white chest. He also has a bit of white on each paw. I absolutely think his color is the prettiest I've ever seen - and I'm not just saying that because he's my son!! :D
it's a shame i can only vote once .......i voted red,because it's my favorite chi-color

kisses nat
Peppy is black, tan and white. Dunno what the technical term for that is tho
Three black, three fawns one brindle :D I don't know which to vote for though :?
I have a fawn female with white socks.

Ginger is fawn
Kylie is red
Tequila is black, tan, white
I voted brown.....but, Taco is chocolate. I think that there are lots of brown tones!
Bella is tan with a white chest and 3 white socks... The new baby is dobie marked with a white chest and two white socks... My favorite color of chi is the red/fawn color... i always wanted one but couldnt find one... but i LOVE my girls i wouldnt trade them for the world!!!
Jasmine is sable with a black mask, and white chest and feet. I have noticed the past few weeks, she is getting quite a few dark (almost look black) hairs along her back and sides. So will be interesting to see what color she ends up.
I voted cream, but she is really a pale fawn. She has white on her forehead and each foot. :)
Peppy's Mum said:
Peppy is black, tan and white. Dunno what the technical term for that is tho
I do beleive its a tri-colour.. my pups a black and tan with tiny blaze of white on his chest.. so i guess a tri colour...?
Chico is black and white....also love the chocolate brown ones :wave:
chiwi i think is considered fawn with black sabling and black mask with white markings. (if fawn is a tannish gold color...)
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