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Kemo's mamma said:
Um stick it in the hiney........I think a fever above is 105.2 or 102.5 HELP SOMEBODY! old age alert!
:D Hehehe, not that old.. in Canada regular temperature for a chi ( at least that's what my vet told me) is 37 or 39 celcius can't remember, so anything higher than that..and i mean high...might be a fever...but if your puppy's energy level is the same as normal I wouldn't worry about it. With the poo, I also agree with Kemo's mamma it might be stress or overeating after the first few days....Stinky did the exact same thing...didn't poo nor pee but when he got used to the house he ate and drank a lot, also, he's on the same food as Callie, so don't worry if her poo becomes really sturdy afterwards almost just the food :D :D
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