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Coprophagia is the proper term for a animal who eats feces. Autocoprophagia is when a dog consumes his/her own feces. Jose had a problem eating his poop, just get some meat tenderizer, has to be the kind with MSG (Monosodium Glutonate) or it won't work. The flavored kind is even better, just as long as it has MSG in it. Sprinkle it on the dog's food, (if he is eating another dogs poop, sprinkle it on their food) and mix it in. This sounds horrible that you have to TRY and make POOP taste bad, it should anyways, but it works. Don't waste your money on the Deter from Petsmart or Petco, it doesn't work. Get the meat tenderizer, or just plain MSG, they sell it at Krogers and everywhere else in the spice aisle. Just remember it MUST HAVE MSG to work. The other part of it is, make sure if you catch your dog in the act, scold him by sharply shouting NO! and clapping your hands. Just make sure you aren't scolding the dog too much if they make an accident in the house, sometimes that is why they eat the poop in the first place, to try and destroy the evidence before you find it! Hope it works!
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