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You dont mention how old your chi is, but a few pointers.

1)The crate should be just big enough for the dog to walk into, turn around and lay down during potty training (can be bigger once trained). If you have a bigger crate pack the end with a box or old blankets, anything you can to make it smaller. as small as they are you can even use a cardboard box to start with for a chi.

2) food should be fed at specific times. Not left for the dog to graze. Your chi will survive the night without food. Your dog will need to potty 5-20 minutes after eatting. if you dont know when they eat, you wont know when to take them out. pick up that food bowl.

3) take the dog out often, with young dogs, this may mean setting an alarm clock to get you up for a middle of the night potty break.

4) keep track of what your dog does and when. Most dogs will fowm a schedual and you will know to let them out at those times.

5) If your chi is eatting the poo, take some tabasco sauce when they are not looking, pour it on then leave the poo. the next 'nibble' will be unappitizing. the dogs do this to clean up (momma eats the babies poo to keep the area clean for them) make sure the area is clean at all times if its in thier sleeping/eatting area they just want the area clean. If it is outside pick up or hire a pooper scooper company.

hope this helps some.
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