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Chachi eating own poop can be drawn by many things. Luck of nutrients, boredom or stress. It could be caused by desire to please you or hide "bad" thing as well (ie punishing for pooping).

You need to find a way to stop this behavior, since Chachi may ingest parasites and will put himself into indefinite loop of reinfecting himself over and over.

From what you described it Chachi just bored or stressed while you are not around. May be putting or finding favorite toys which he can play with while you are asleep or away could help him go through this.

Amazon sells over the counter remedies for this problem. Deter and Nasty Habit by Nutri Vet helped other dog owners to take care of this issue.

I would suggest you to - make sure that diet is complete and he is feed properly (that way he will stop eating it in case if he is hungry); - try to slow him down if he its too fast as well (again back to nutrients, large pebbles mixed with food may help); - provide enough stimulation;
If none of this works see if Amazon stuff will work.

Good luck.
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