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Poor Pablo... his tummy's making those yucky noises again!

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Well here it is Monday afternoon, and I just got home from work. My poor Pablo, his little tummy is making those God awful noises again! But this time, they are much much louder than be for. He seems like he's in ok spirits, but I know he really doesn't feel well! I called the vet, and they're going to ask her when they can fit Pablo in, so know I am sitting here listening to these HORRIBLE noises, and waiting! They just have to see him today! I don't know how much more of this I can take! Not to mention Pablo! What the heck could this be? I just want to cry! Anyway, I needed to vent! Thanks for listening.

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:( I'm so sorry! I hope you can get to see the vet asap! Best wishes and hugs for you both!! :wave:
Thank you! Pablo needs all the hugs and kisses he can get! He just looks so pitiful! Still waiting! I'm getting a little p.O.'ed! :evil:
yippy going to the vet!!!!!! c-ya soon!
I hope the vet can help him... Feel better soon Pablo
let us know what the outcome is. and if it's the same old "quick fix pepto" crap again, i'd go elsewhere if i were you. this is a recurring problem with him and needs to be addressed. starting to sound like IBD to me. we'll see.
Hi everyone- well we are back from the vet's, and I know nothing more than when I walked in there. I just paid $52.00 dollars for NOTHING! The vet shot down every suggestion I had- stress induced colitis- "No you usually see more destruction, tearing up of things, so pouting when you leave is a lesser of two evils". IBS-"no you usually see diarrhea and/or vomiting", allergies- "no you will usually see again, vomiting or diarrhea", What about a blockage- "No because you wouldn't have this sporadic problem, and again vomiting and diarrhea". Since we never have diarrhea, and vomiting, he doesn't know. He said we will just have to do a lot of try this and try this. No blood work, no x-rays. He did prescribe Centrine to give to him at the onset of a flare-up. If this doesn't work then we'll try something else?! I am thinking more of a new vet, at least for a second opinion. Can anyone give me more info on IBS in dogs? What is the best food for a dog with IBS? He couldn't even tell me what food I should try with Pablo. Should I still keep him on the Innova EVO? I just want to cry, or scream, maybe both! Any advice?
Thanks for letting me VENT!

:arrow: :x
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I am glad you went to the vet... I am not happy that the vet didn't do any tests. I would go find another vet and get a second opionion.

Good luck and God bless
Thank you, I'm off on Wed., so I will call around and see what I can figure out.
This is so frustrating. Pablo's tummy seems to have calmed alittle, he's sleeping right now, curled up on mommy! He was such a good boy, he was a huge hit as always!
What kind of feeding schedule do you have him on?
He pretty much eats when he wants, I spent MONTHS trying to get him to eat on a sch., but he would go days w/o eating until I gave in. If he's not hungry, he won't eat. I usually put in 1/4 cup of food a day. Could that have something to do with his problems?
Well, it depends. If he's a picky eater and didn't want to go on a schedule he may still be adjusting to his new "free feeding" plan. Oftentimes a dog will have a hard time adjusting to a new way of eating and they can "stuff" themselves for a while once they have free reign over their food bowl. ;)

I think I read that he's 2 years old? Have you had him his entire life?
No we haven't had him his whole life, just since Nov. We found him on a 6 lane highway in Jacksonville, FL being picked on by 2 very big pitbulls. He was so skinny, covered in fleas, and his little nails were so long they curled around like little circles. We took him to the vet right away, defleaed him, ck for heartworms, neg., gave him heartworm meds, and all has been well except for his tummy upset every few weeks. Like I said I tried the sch. thing and he wouldn't have any part of it, but he doesn't stuff himself, he just goes over there eats a few kibbles, and walks away. I just don't get it. Do you think this could be the problem? Should I try the sch again?
I think I would be looking for a new vet, or at least get a second opinion.
I don't know a lot about this, but aren't there some sort of tests they could run to determine the cause?

I can imagine how you feel - not being able to do anything when our furbabies are uncomfortable or in pain in so upsetting and frustrating.

Hugs to Pablo, and please keep us posted.
I told him he's getting lots of hugs from everyone, but he doesn't feel like smiling right now. I gave him his meds, is tummy is quite, but still doesn't feel 100%. I'm gonna make him eggs for dinner, I just hope he will eat. I know that there are test, and x-rays, but whenever I would suggest something, the vet kept saying no, I really don't think this is it, or that's it. Just wants to med him up and maybe try new foods. Makes me want to rip my hair out! :scratch: :scratch:
foods i (and the veterianrians i worked with previously)recomend for it (as i did have a dog with IBD and i will tell you that it can be IBD even if vomiting and diarrhea aren't present. they are just common side effects of IBD)

Pro Plan sensitive skin sensitive stomach formula (my girl did real well on this food)

royal canin has a bunch of great foods for sensitive stomach needs:

Intestinal GI 30

Sensitivity Control SC 24

and science diet prescription I/D. they don't like to use that long term but in some dogs they have to.

Eukanuba low residue

Purina veterinary diet EN
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Thank you for the list of foods, I am going to rty to set up an appt. tomorrow with a new vet, how can he diagnose IBD? Does Pablos symptoms sound llike IBD? I hate the meds he gave us, Pablo just lays here. No noises anymore, but he seems so depressed! Just trying to get him to wag his little tail takes a lot of effort! :cry: Poor Guy!

Thank you so much for your help! :)
Sorry to hear about Pablo. I noticed you mentioned he has bad breath in another post,this could be connected, tell your new vet tomorrow.
good advice already given re food. Good luck.
i hope every thing will be ok with pablo !!

kisses nat
long post sorry

Pablo's Mommy said:
Thank you for the list of foods, I am going to rty to set up an appt. tomorrow with a new vet, how can he diagnose IBD? Does Pablos symptoms sound llike IBD? I hate the meds he gave us, Pablo just lays here. No noises anymore, but he seems so depressed! Just trying to get him to wag his little tail takes a lot of effort! :cry: Poor Guy!

Thank you so much for your help! :)
when my tasha bird was in the kennel her stoamch was a mess. it was grumbling and one of the workers thought she was growling lol. they chalked it up to stress colitis (no vomiting or diarrhea just horrible tummy grumbling and seemed uncomfortable.) then i started working there and felt sorry for the poor girl so i adopted her and took her home, (she was eating I/D) i switched her over to regular senior science diet maintence. she did ok but her skin go0t real bad so we figured food allergy and i started her on IVD whitefish and potato and she did well on that. but shortly after she was uncomfortable again and her stomach was acting up (you don't know how many times i thought my pointer had bloat! it was nerve wracking!) so i got a blood workup done on her (for allergy testing and prespay bloodwork, she was 8 years old and i thought better late than never with the spay) everything came back within a few days and i found out what she was allergic to and one of the cell counts was off and it's a common factor when diagnosing IBD (nate could tell you which one i can't remember) so we had her scoped to find out if that was indeed the problem and it was. she never had diarrhea, ever. and she vomited a lot only after the spay due to the anesthesia and carprofen. the whitefish and potato from ivd was a great food, but was expensive for me to get. tasha had a very fast metabloism and in order to hold her weight up to a perfect 55 she was eating as much as 7 1/2 cups of that food a day (it's a limited ingredient food and she also had anxiety issues that made her metabloism really fast.) i didn't want to change her to another food altogether cause she did so good with the fish i talked to the dr and told him about the sensitive skin and stomach pro plan formula and he said lets give it a go (she had skin issues as well remember.) with diet and treatment for the IBD she did great, but she couldn't eat anything else but her food. no treats, no greenies, no nothing. not even the toothpaste. and once i found a food that she did great on i stayed with it. there was one treat that she could actually have, it was put out by IVD select care treats, they were carrot and apple based treats. but it was given rarely i didn't want to take the chance. good luck with the other vet :wave: keep me posted, i am curious to find out now.
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