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Poor Polo :(

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So, Daisy has been totally obsessed with a teddy she got for xmas. It's a polar bear, who had an xmas hat and a scarf, who we named Polo. Well she has been playing with him every night since she opened him on xmas day. She's never been like this over a toy before.

Well after about 2 days, he lost his xmas hat.

And tonight, I found a hole in his back, and Daisy started pulling the stuffing out. So I had to confiscate him and remove the squeaker and all of the insides.

It is very sad. He's been a good member of the family. (Lol) I've already cheched the Pets At Home website to see if they had anymore, but there are none. I would have bought her about 10 if they had them still.
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Ahhhh Charlotte that is so sad poor polo. I will keep my eye out and after work tomorrow I will pop in my pets at home and see if they have any. Poor daisy lol xx xxx
Lol Sam you don't have to do that. She just has a floppy Polo now, haha. Thanks though :) xx
Sounds similar to the relationship Axle has with his sleeping companion Ted (a bear he got from my mum the day we brought him home). He carries Ted around everywhere even though he's almost as big as him. Ax was distraught when Ted went in the washing machine last night but he stank and his fur was all matted from being sucked on. It's cold and rainy here today so I doubt Ted will be dry enough to go back in Axle's bed tonight either :(
RIP Polo, you'll be missed little friend. :sad5:
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