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porshas first vet visit and her bitting

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Hello World!! :D
I just took porsha to the vet for her first shot she weighs 2.2 pounds and is now seven weeks old. thanks for the advise on her bitting and i do apologize if i upset anyone for taking a six week old puppy :( But i did find out from the vet that it is ok that i took her at six weeks as long as she was eating and drinking water. :) she got a good check up and goes back in 2 weeks :p then we get more shots and start frontline :D :D and by the way the putting her on her back really works so thanks for the great advise :wink:
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Glad her visit went well...we love good news here!
Yeah I am glad everything is good with her. :D :D
That makes me happy hearing that Porsha's vet visit went well...
great news so happy for you , but I would seriously consider a new vet as they should not tell you it is ok to take a pup from its mother at 6 weeks old :wink:
Great news! So glad her vet visit went so well. :wave:
Ohh good news is always the best news - glad she is well and eating and drinking! thumbs up to you! :p
Porsha is absolutely beautiful. You are very lucky to have found such a beautiful puppy. Im glad the vet visit went well. Roxy always had reactions to her shots so when it time for shots the vet keeps her for the day to make sure that she will be OK. And things have so far gone good.
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