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So, up until this past Saturday, my Chihuahua Obi was just fine. Saturday morning, however, he started acting very weird. Later into the day, he was coughing a lot and screaming. We brought him to the vet to find that he has a collapsed trachea, and we are currently treating him for it....but I am seeing more than that. He always has his legs straight out and like, firm, which he usually doesn't do. He is very unstable on his feet all of a sudden, and seems to be disoriented. From what I read online, it could be vestibular disorientation. He has been screaming a lot since Saturday as well, for 30 second intervals, in which we calm him down until he stops. He is only 3, but I am reading it can strike a dog at any age, and is common among Chihuahuas. Anybody have any info?
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