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I wanted to start a thread where people can go and search, share and comment on your favorite Chihuahua videos. I currently have 3 YouTube videos of my baby boy "Poochino" and have ideas for the next one. This one is my favorite:

Suggestion: start by posting your favorite video of your own Chihuahua and as you make new ones then come back and post it. The only reason I suggest starting with your current favorite is to keep the thread moving forward without clutter and viewers can see the progression of your chihuahua over time. Video theme or quality doesn't matter, (so please ignore the fact that I usually get carried away).

Thanks to forum member pigeonsheep I can share with you how easy it was to embed the above YouTube video. Just go to your video on-line and copy the URL from the top of your browser and place it in your text like so:


MAKE SURE to replace the "XX" I added on each side with a blank space or blank line. I placed those "XX" there to give you an example text and prevent the forum form embedding the video again.

I can't wait to see everyone's Chihuahua in action.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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