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Potential puppy...

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Hi everyone...I'm new here and I will probably be getting my first chihuahua sometime next month.

I was hoping for a female chi and the latest litter from the breeder I am dealing only had males, but she also has this 4 week old female chi below. I think I am going get her (and since she is 4 weeks old that means I will get to take her home sooner because the latest litter was just recently born :D).

So what do you guys think? I love her color... :) I was also wondering if that's the size a 4 week old chi usually is?
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welcome to the forum. go for it girl!
If you don't take her, I will!! She is so sweet looking and cream ones are so pretty when full grown!!! :)
She's adorable! You won't have long to wait if you decide on her. :)
Oh ... well *sigh* i was talking to the breeder about this female actually, i got my hopes up too fast....she said another lady was thinking about getting her, that must have been u....i really wanted her.. well there goes that *sigh* does anyone know a breeder in ontario with a female chi ready to go to a new home soon :(:( This is so disapointing.. nothing seems to be working out with getting a new pup. :(

P.S- I PM'd you
definately get her she is so perfect and looks just the right size\ etc :wave:
Kurrazie said:
P.S- I PM'd you
I didn't get your PM...
oh, do u have email? mines [email protected], please e-mail me

P.S - i PM'd you again, so check that first
She is beautiful! I love cream Chihuahuas and she looks like the perfect little girl. :) Only about a month left till you get her - how exciting!
:D If you get her, which i recommend you do SHE'S ADORABLE, she will be Stinky's cousin...Lee is my breeder too!
I hope you find a chi to love soon in your area :(
Aww she is cute. I love cream chi's, my Chiquita is one and she has such a beautiful coat. Whatever is meant to be, will be.
So it has been confirmed now with the breeder...I'm officially getting this puppy! Yay! :D
YIPPPEEE!! Congrats! Do you know the date you can pick her up yet?
Congrats Nicole! She is beautiful! Let the countdown begin! :D
We want more pics too please. :wink: What are you going to name her?

I'll get to pick her up sometime in November.

I'm liking the name Lola, but I'm not quite decided yet. :p
Congrats! There's going to be a few of us getting pups in November!
congrats i am so happy for you she is adorable and lola is a lovely name - I cant wait too see more pics of her :wave:
Congratulations! I think Lola is a very nice name for her. :)
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