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potty and some questions

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Hi, My little Chauncey is almost nine weeks,he's been with us for one is it to early to expect him to get the potty on the pad thing. he seems to be catching up but I'm concern. Also he sleeps in a big bin with blankets next to our bed but wakes up about 3 times at night, is that normal. Should I cut off the water early so that he doesn't wake up?
I'm doing the pad training cuz my husband and I both work, he stays in the bathroom with toys and water and his comfy crate for 8hrs and seems fine. My husband and I thought he would resent us but he still loves playing when we get home, he cried the first 2 days and now seems fine, any suggestions and when I should transition to the going outside to pee.
Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi I love the name Chauncey. It is normal for then at this age not to get the potty pad thing.. It will take about 6 months to a year. Gadeget is 6 months and he is real good about the potty pad thing but when I don't change them fast enough he will poo on the floor.. weird little fella.. he will still pee on the pads... I usally change them every other day now...

he will wake up in the night time to potty because their bladders are small and can't hold it for more than a couple hours.

never cut off the water... He needs water all the tiem so when he is thorsty he can drink. I leave a bowl in the bedrom and one in the livingroom all the time for gadget. and when we go outside he has a bowl out there..
potty questions

Hey thanks for the help, I'm a little lost cuz it's my first baby but he seems to be great "of course" :wink:
I remember with Zeus getting up every 3 hours to take him potty outside. I agree with Gadget's Mom, always give him access to water. Chi's especially are more prone to dehydration as well as hypoglycemia. Are you giving him Nutrical? It's a supplement that is full of calories and gives the pups alittle more energy and helps to prevent hypoglycemia.

How big is his crate that he's in during the day? Do either you or your husband come home during the day to check on him? Good luck with house-training and keep us updated. :)
Don't worry about it! 9 weeks he is still a little wee bit... :D

We got Gizmo when he was 8 weeks old...he would go to bed at 10...we would take him out...he'd cry again at 4...then at I could take him out of his basket and let him pee...he did that for about 2-3 weeks...after that he held it in from 10 until 6...he has great bladder control...but pups differ...I don't wee wee pad train him...never have...but I have had the luxury of not working and devoting myself to Gizmo's training...he is 18 weeks now and doesn't pee or poop in the house...he whines or scratches at the door to let us know he has to go...he can hold it in for about 4-5 hours now if needed...

My other dog I potty pad trained him and he learned just as quickly to go outside....

My goal with both dogs was "outside only" so I could go out in peace and not worry about coming home to little "surprises" so far Gizmo is doing fabulous with the potty training... :D

I cut off the water intake around 8 pm...He has always let me know however, when he is around 8 Gizmo doesn't seem to want it helps me with the training...opinions differ on this...Of course you don't want your dog to be dehydrated...but at the same time you get to know when he has to controlling the's worked wonderfully for me...he sips water all day by around 6pm...he doesn't want anymore...I leave it out like I said until 8...

Whewww!! that was long...LOL

Good Luck with your baby and welcome :wave:
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The crate is actually pretty big for him, it's one of those plastic ones with an opening on top and a door. I leave the crate open and he stays in the bathroom during the day with the door open and a gate so that he doesn't get too claustrophobic. We can't come home but next month I will be taking Tuesdays off so he won't be lonely 3 days out of the week. I spend about 2 hours with him before I go to work and my husband usually gets home before I do. It's so funny how much I feel like a parent and it's only been a week! I know people think it's cruel to leave him for that long but he does get a lot of love and has a good home :D
I'll post pics soon!
Thanks for the tips.
By the way I feed him Eukaneba and he pees and poohs very nicely, even the vet recommended it, I think it's great stuff.
Eukanuba is a great puppy food...both my dogs were on it until they reached 14 weeks then I switched to science diet...

For Gizmo I switched earlier because he swallowed the bites instead of chewing them!! He likes big pellets, big chew toys...he just thinks he is "BIG" Silly boy :D :roll:
I really don't think you are cruel for leaving him - if you work, you really have no choice. And it's not like he is penned up all day, He can go in and out of his crate, and has free roam of the bathroom. Far better for him to be enclosed in there and be safe, than to have free roam in the house and perhaps get into something that can harm him. It is very difficult to completely puppy proof your entire home. They can just find so many things to get into that you would never dream of! :lol:

I trained Jasmine to the pads in the beginning, and she will now go outside as well as on the pads at night and when I'm not home. It does take a while to train them - Jasmine is now 9 months old, and has not had an accident in the house for several weeks. Unless you call missing the pad at night sometimes when she poops, an accident. LOL
I disagree with the water, cutting it off for the night say 7pm is fine, they are not going to dehydrate in that amount of time. But I also crate mine. I dont cut off their water in the summer though if its hot.
If he has access to the potty pads then thats ok...but if you are taking him out of the pen to go pp then you might want to stop the intake a few hours before bed. But at his age to expect him to hold it is too young. You may be taking him out less but he will need to go out at least once.

My girl at 10 weeks only got up once a night......

It takes time and its a drag but it will all work out eventually.
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